Driving to a Dental Office in a Golf Cart Florida From Port Charlotte

Many patients are driving to their dental appointments in a golf cart Florida constructed in Port Charlotte. The obvious question is why are they doing this? The simple answer (if I had to speculate on the matter) is that the patient had to get to his or her dental appointment and the golf cart was the best means of getting there. This might be the situation under a very specific set of circumstances. For example the patient might work at a golf course that is located in close proximity to the dental office. In that situation it would make sense to drive to the dental office in a golf cart.


But the premise of this blog post is that many patients are driving to their dental offices in golf carts that have been constructed in Port Charlotte which is a city located in south Florida. If this only happens under a very specific set of circumstances then how can we make the assertion that many people are making the decision to to this. Well, just because this event will only transpire under a very specific set of circumstances does not necessarily mean that many people are not capable of doing it.

This specific set of circumstances might happen to many people despite the fact that it is less likely than other situations to transpire with any degree of frequency. For example, if this specific set of circumstance were to transpire twenty times out of one hundred then that means it will still happen twenty times. It would be a reasonable argument to make if we were to say that twenty people constitutes many people. Therefore, even though it is statistically less likely for an event to happen does not mean that the number of times it does happen would be many times.

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