Traveling to the Dental Office in the Wendover Fun Bus

Many patients are traveling to their dental appointments aboard the Wendover Fun Bus to get their teeth cleaned or filled in the even that they have a cavity. Now, we all know that a dental appointment can in no way be said to be a fun experience. So why not make the transportation to the dental appointment fun in order to counterbalance the not fun experience that is to come? The simple answer to this question is that you should by all means join the party and use this particular mode of transportation in order to get to your next dental appointment.

Taking the St George Shuttle to a Dental Appointment

There are other modes of transportation that are fun and serve the purpose of making the pre dental appointment experience a yin to the dental appointment’s yang. The point is that dental appointments are necessary because proper oral hygiene is important to a person’s over all health. But as necessary as they are, they are painful, uncomfortable and quite simply not a fun experience. That is why it makes perfect sense to drive to the dental appointment aboard a fun mode of transportation in order to balance out the universe so to speak.

Some people go to the dentist for a simple dental cleaning. This is an uncomfortable experience, especially when the dental hygienist takes out his or her metal hook and starts scraping away at your teeth. Often times my gums will bleed because I do not make a regular habit of flossing. Not only do I need to experience the pain and discomfort of bleeding gums but I also need to be shamed by the experience as well. Thank God I drove to this horrible experience aboard a mode of transportation that is considered to be a fun experience.