Westways Dental Office Uses Tote Pump

In this blog post the Westways Dental Blog would like to announce that we use a tote pump in our practice. Not only do we use this piece of equipment in the performance of our duties but we do so proudly. It is true that other dental offices have no use for such a piece of equipment because when used as it was designed to use there really is no practical application for a dental office. However, when used in certain “off label” modalities it can and is used by our office in various medical, dental procedures. Allow us to explain.


Pumps can be used in various ways for the purpose of proper dental hygiene. For example, the human mouth is full of saliva and other fluids that from time to time require extraction from said mouth. Pumps of all kinds can be used for this purpose. Sometimes, when working in a patient’s mouth an abundance of saliva builds up and requires extraction. This is exactly the point in time when a pump can be used to proper effect. Once the fluid in the form of saliva has been properly extracted from the patient’s mouth through the agency of the pump, the dental health professional is then in a good position to perform whatever procedure he or she intends to perform on the patient.

As the reader can already appreciate, a pump can be an effective tool for proper dental hygiene. Moreover, a dental health professional can make great use of a pump in the performance of his or her professional dental health procedures. As such, once the pump has been put into proper use, the dental health professional can then become a much more efficient dental health professional thus improving the experience for the patient.

Driving to a Dental Office in a Golf Cart Florida From Port Charlotte

Many patients are driving to their dental appointments in a golf cart Florida constructed in Port Charlotte. The obvious question is why are they doing this? The simple answer (if I had to speculate on the matter) is that the patient had to get to his or her dental appointment and the golf cart was the best means of getting there. This might be the situation under a very specific set of circumstances. For example the patient might work at a golf course that is located in close proximity to the dental office. In that situation it would make sense to drive to the dental office in a golf cart.


But the premise of this blog post is that many patients are driving to their dental offices in golf carts that have been constructed in Port Charlotte which is a city located in south Florida. If this only happens under a very specific set of circumstances then how can we make the assertion that many people are making the decision to to this. Well, just because this event will only transpire under a very specific set of circumstances does not necessarily mean that many people are not capable of doing it.

This specific set of circumstances might happen to many people despite the fact that it is less likely than other situations to transpire with any degree of frequency. For example, if this specific set of circumstance were to transpire twenty times out of one hundred then that means it will still happen twenty times. It would be a reasonable argument to make if we were to say that twenty people constitutes many people. Therefore, even though it is statistically less likely for an event to happen does not mean that the number of times it does happen would be many times.

Using a Drum Pump to Extract the Contents From a Drum of Tooth Paste

Dental offices have been known to use a drum pump in order to extract tooth paste from an industrial drum. It is no secret that dental offices go through a large amount of tooth past throughout the course of any business day. However, few dental office customers make their way into the back room of the dental office in order to see the drums containing the various dental office related products. For example, in addition to drums of tooth paste there are also drums of mouth wash as well. There may very well be drums of other substances as well.


One might reasonably wonder whether tooth paste would spoil if left to sit in an industrial drum for an overly long span of time. The answer to this is that tooth paste can last a long time without spoiling. Certainly, tooth paste can last the length of time that it would take for a standard dental practice to go through a drum of tooth paste. For this reason, an industrial drum is a perfect container for the purpose of a dental office to use in the storage of tooth paste.

Obviously, the first squirt of tooth paste to come out of a drum will be fresher than the last squirt to come out of the drum. However, the last drum will work with a similar degree of effectiveness as would the first squirt of tooth paste. As such, although the customer receiving the last squirt of tooth paste might be a little disappointed given his or her toothpaste might not be as pleasing to the taste, he or she can take comfort in the knowledge that the tooth paste he or she receives will preform as effectively despite the fact that it is older.

Dental Offices Use Cleaning Service Salt Lake City

It probably would not surprise the average Westways Dental Blog reader to know that our dental office is cleaned by a cleaning service Salt Lake City on a weekly basis. Obviously, a dental office is a medical office and a medical office must be clean. Come to think of it, any professional office must be clean but a medical office must be clean for a better reason. That reason is that patients could get sick or infected in a dirty medical office. It is literally a life and death situation for a medical office to keep itself clean and sanitary.


Now because Westways Dental is located in Salt Lake City it makes sense that it would make use of a cleaning service that is located in Salt Lake City as well. It seems more convenient to use a service that is located near by the person or business hiring the service. This is more convenient for the service because it will have less distance to travel in order to perform its service. This is also more convenient for the person or business hiring the service because the cost of long distance travel will not have to be passed on by the service to the customer.

All this being said, it is no wonder that a dental office should want to hire a cleaning service. Not only is a clean office more pleasant for patients or customers to visit but it is also healthier for them to visit as well. Moreover, it is more convenient both for the cleaning service and the office being cleaned that the cleaning service be located somewhere near its customers. This is true both from a convenience stand point and an expense stand point as well.

Massage Therapist Salt Lake City

It might interest a person to know that the best massage therapist Salt Lake City has to offer is also a dental specialist. This might be interesting because the link between massage therapy and dental health is not immediately obvious to most. Allow me to explain this non intuitive connection in more detail. First of all people with good healthy teeth tend to also be people who are relaxed and comfortable in their lives. It stands to reason that a person with good oral health will also take good care of the rest of their body including their muscles and tendons.


So now that we have fully established the connection between dental health and massage therapy in the clearest and most concise manner we must figure out a way to fill out the rest of this content. When a content creator writes an article to catch the eye of a search engine web bot it must read in such a way that it is not immediately identifiable as spam. I have read a few other articles on this web site and it appears to me that the articles were some how auto generated or at best written by a person in India who does not speak English as a first language.

It is clear to me that whoever wrote the other articles on this website obviously neither has good oral health nor has visited a massage therapist in the recent past. If they had then their writing would have been at least somewhat coherent. Actually, come to think of it there is no real connection between dental health, massage therapy and coherent writing. If there were a connection then I would have mentioned it already in this blog piece.

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